Teachers... Discover How To Increase Your Income & Impact Using the Skills You ALREADY have

Create a second stream of income that doesn't require you to work on someone else's schedule.
Learning something new like Teachers Pay Teachers is hard. With all of the blog posts, podcasts, Facebook groups and Instagram profiles out there, it's hard to know where or how to begin. And... if the payout is really worth all that time spent researching.

And if you're like most of the members in TpT Business Builder, then you're probably ready to stop wasting time and start actually building a second stream of income.

Most people think that in order to be "successful" on TpT you need to either have been doing it for years OR be doing it full-time. The truth is... you just need to be making the right products and getting them in front of the right people.

If you continue to try and "Google" your way through, unfortunately... you may never see the success you watch others achieve. Or you may have to sacrifice your time and personal life to get there.

Instead of wasting time doing it yourself...

You could have ME in your back pocket 🧚🏽‍♀️

Teaching you everything you need to know about starting and scaling your TpT business into an income you can rely on. Use my proven framework to take ALL of the guesswork out of TpT and fast-track your results. Detailed video trainings, workbooks, bonus sessions and a private Facebook group will guide you along every step of the way.

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What's included?

  • 6-modules of video training from me guiding you through the framework required to build a SOLID foundation for your TpT business (over 7 hours of content)

  • A 50+ page workbook with templates and notes to help you track your learning

  • Access to an exclusive Facebook group where you can ask questions & find support through myself and other group members

  • Bonus Coaching Calls featuring Marketing Guru Alissa McDonald of THU and Pinterest Expert Chelsea Hall

  • Seller Starter Kit: Tech Video Tutorial Library, Done-for-you Templates, Clipart Set

  • 2 bonus modules teaching you how to fit it all into your schedule and get started on Instagram

  • Replays of bonus pop-up group coaching calls (8 hours of content!)

Which of these results do YOU want?

"TpT has been amazing since taking the course! Before the course, I was beginning to lose motivation for TpT because I was making like $10-20 per month and I was putting a lot of time into it. Now, after learning from the course how to make quality products efficiently, I am spending less time on each product while also making more money. Also, sales have been so consistent and growing. It’s been 9 months since I took the course and my sales have increased each month since then. It’s so exciting to watch the growth!"
- Gianna N

Let me show you what's waiting for you when you become a member... 👀

  • 1

    Start Here! Welcome to TpT Business Builder

    • ❣️ Welcome & Introductions

    • ✍🏼 Get Started

    • 📓 Course Workbook

    • 👋🏼 Join the Facebook Group!

  • 2

    Module 1: Develop a Unique & Memorable Brand that Lasts

    • 1.1 Overview

    • 1.2 Branding Basics & Building Trust

    • 1.3 Labelling Your Niche

    • 1.4 Content Pillars

    • 1.5 Identifying Your Ideal Client

    • 1.6 Problem & Solution Based Content

    • 1.7 Visual Branding & Creating a Mood Board

    • 1.8 Elements to Invest In

  • 3

    Module 2: Set Up a Store that SELLS

    • 2.1 Overview

    • 2.2 Seller Account Types

    • 2.3 Storefront Basics

    • 2.4 Navigating TpT & Changing Storefront Elements

    • 2.5 TpT Storefront Elements

    • 2.6 Copyright Information

    • 2.7 Goal Setting

    • 2.8 TpT School Access

  • 4

    Module 3: Content Creation Strategies

    • 3.1 Overview

    • 3.2 Content Ideas

    • Content Masterlist Template

    • 3.3 Using the Content Masterlist

    • 3.4 Product Lines and Bundles

  • 5

    Module 4: How to Design Best-Selling Products

    • 4.1 Overview

    • 4.2 Before You Start Creating

    • 4.3 - Watch Me Create a Simple Product (PDF)

    • 4.4 Maximizing the Value & Return on Freebies

    • 4.5 - Watch me Create an Editable Product

    • 4.6 - Watch me Create a Digital Product

    • 4.7 - Posting a Digital Product on TPT (using a PDF)

    • 4.8 TpT Easel Tutorial

  • 6

    Module 5: Get Your Products Noticed

    • 5.1 Overview

    • 5.2 Product Must-Haves & TpT Content Guidelines

    • 5.3 Bonus Tip: File Organization

    • 5.4 Covers

    • 5.5 Thumbnails

    • 5.6 Previews

    • 5.7 Previews: Examples

    • 5.8 Search Engine Optimization: The Basics

    • 5.9 Conducting Keyword Research

    • 5.10 Creating a Description

    • 5.11 Description Example

    • 5.12 Pricing Your Product

  • 7

    Module 6: Find Your Fans - The Art of Marketing

    • 6.1 Marketing & Visibility Module Overview

    • 6.2 Conducting a TpT Audit

    • 6.3 Use Product Statistics & Data to Increase Sales

    • 6.4 Marketing Data: Tracking what Works w/Custom URLS

    • 6.5 Marketing Platforms

    • 6.6 Blogging 101

    • 6.7 Pages & View of Wordpress

    • 6.8 Blog Posts

    • 6.9 Soft Selling & Post Must-Haves

    • 6.10 Email 101

    • 6.11 Create a Lead Magnet

    • 6.12 Create a Landing Page

    • 6.13 Create an Automated Email Funnel & Sequence

    • 6.14 Promoting Your Lead Magnet

    • 6.15 Pinterest

    • 6.16 Pinterest Examples

    • 6.17 Creating Pins: Workflow/Process

    • 6.18 Creating Pins In Canva

    • 6.19 Tailwind Overview

  • 8

    ⭐️ Bonus 1: 10x Your Productivity

    • ⏰ Productivity, Planning & Fitting it ALL in

    • 🗂 Clickup Tutorial

  • 9

    ⭐️ Bonus 2: Instagram 101

    • Bonus 1.1 - Instagram Module Overview

    • Bonus 1.2 - Basics, why Instagram?

    • Bonus 1.3 - Getting Set Up

    • Bonus 1.4 - Posting

    • Bonus 1.5 - Selling without Being Salesy

    • Bonus 1.6 - Pretty Photo Hacks

    • Bonus 1.7 - Hashtags, Insights & Reach

    • Bonus 1.8 - Things People Don't Tell You

  • 10

    ⭐️ Bonus 3: Guest Coaching & Group Coaching Calls

    • 📹 Pinterest Deep-Dive w/ Expert Chelsea Hall

    • 📹 Profit-Funnel Challenge with Alissa McDonald from THU

    • 📹 Pop-Up Call: Store Audits

    • 📹 Group Coaching Call 1

    • 📹 Group Coaching Call 2

    • 📹 Group Coaching Call 3

    • 📹 Group Coaching Call 4

    • 📹 Group Coaching Call 5

    • 📹 Group Coaching Call 6

    • 📹 Pop-Up Call: TpT Store Audits July 19, 2021

    • 📹 Group Coaching Call 7

    • 📹 Plan Your Year Workshop 2021

  • 11

    ⭐️ Bonus 4: Tech Tutorial Library & Templates

    • 🖥 Realistic Tech Mockups

    • 🖥 Templates

    • 🖥 Clipart Set

    • Video Tutorial Library Index

    • Using the Eyedropper Tool

    • Saving Custom Colours in PowerPoint

    • Creating a Graphic Logo

    • Creating a Picture Logo

    • Creating and Uploading a Store Personal Quote

    • Saving PowerPoint as PNGs or JPEGs

    • Adding Borders to Images

    • Adding Copyright

    • Adding Shapes and Lines

    • Adjusting Picture Brightness & Colour

    • Aligning and Distributing Objects Horizontally

    • Aligning and Distributing Objects Vertically

    • Changing the Size of PowerPoint Slides

    • Creating Borders

    • Creating Templates in PowerPoint

    • Creating Text Boxes with Transparent Overlays

    • Downloading and Organizing Fonts

    • Editing Text Features

    • Grouping and Ungrouping Objects

    • How to Add Copyright, Borders, and other elements to all Slides at Once

    • How to Make a Booklet

    • How to Make Task Cards

    • Removing a Background from a Photo

    • Reordering Overlapping Objects - Text, Clipart, etc.

    • Replacing Fonts

    • Saving PowerPoint as PDF

    • Understanding Clipart Copyright

    • Using Clipart

    • Create a Similar Listing

    • Flattening in PowerPoint (quick)

    • How to Flatten a Resource in PowerPoint

    • How to Force a Copy on Google

    • How to Upload a Folder on TPT (Compressing:Zipping a File)

    • Organizing TPT Files

    • Uploading a Google Drive Resource

    • PINTEREST: Upload a Custom Banner

    • PINTEREST: How to Create a Pin in PowerPoint

    • PINTEREST: How to Create a Video Pin in Canva

    • PINTEREST: How to Create a Video Pin in PowerPoint

    • PINTEREST: Tailwind Dashboard & Tribes

    • PINTEREST: Tailwind Publisher

    • PINTEREST: Tailwind Published Pins/Insights

    • PINTEREST: Creating & Scheduling Pins Quickly, WITHOUT Tailwind

    • PINTEREST: Canva Template

So... how much is my investment?

I know it can be HARD to invest in a business you have just started, but this course shows you how to get the results you desire.
This is a small investment in yourself that is going to continue to pay you, month after month.

It is EXACTLY what I practice in my business today. Which by the way, pays me more than my teaching salary.

Imagine earning double what you currently make? Or even just an extra $300 a month? How could that change your current situation?
The value of this course is unmatched and when you weigh the possible outcome to the investment, the choice is simple.


Get started for as low as $97!

My Happiness Guarantee ♥︎

365-Day Conditional Guarantee

My goal with this course is to help you set up the TpT store and business of your dreams. I want you to increase your impact and your income in the most seamless way possible.

I am confident that if you work through the modules and with me, you WILL see results.

However, if for any reason in the next 365 days you think the course isn’t working for you, email me at [email protected] and I will set up a personalized strategy call with you to make sure you achieve the results you desired and make back what you invested for the course. But full disclosure, there is one catch.

You have to show me you did the work :)

And the reason is simple… nothing works unless you use it. I have full confidence that the course includes all of the strategies you need to return your investment (and then some, at least). If you have tried and haven’t seen the return, we’ll put together a plan that gets you there.

Plus $443 in additional gifts for you when you enroll today ✨

  • Private Facebook Group: Ask me Anything!

    VALUE: $149
    Need some quick advice from me? Use the exclusive Facebook group to ask questions and get support 24/7. Make connections with other course members & stay motivated on your TpT journey.

  • Bonus Vault & Tech Tutorial Library

    VALUE: $197
    Growing video tech tutorial library & a sample of Lessons for Learning School Supplies Clipart to get you started. Includes exclusive training from Pinterest Expert Chelsea Hall & Alissa McDonald from Teacher Hustle University.

  • Productivity & Instagram Modules

    VALUE: $97
    Bonus training modules to teach you the secret to doing it all & not giving up your personal life - we want a stress-free business! Instagram module will teach you how to get set up and start sharing!

So, Let's Recap!

When you join TpT Business Builder you will get...

  • 6 training modules -- videos, workbooks and actionable steps that turn your TpT vision into a business REALITY.

  • 2 Exclusive Bonus Trainings with Marketing Guru Alissa McDonald from Teacher Hustle University & Pinterest Expert Chelsea Hall

  • Access to a private, exclusive Facebook group where you can keep in touch with me, meet other members & ask for advice!

  • Bonus Module: 10x Your Productivity so you can run your business & enjoy your life

  • Bonus Module: Instagram 101

  • Bonus Vault & Tech Tutorial Library which includes all of the tips you need to become a TpT, PowerPoint & Pinterest wiz


What people are saying about the TPT Business Builder course

I have sold more products than I ever dreamed

Elizabeth F.

Five stars, Level 4+, I would 100% recommend TpT Business Builder to anyone who is on the fence about joining the course! The videos in the modules are informative and thorough, the workbook is perfect for making notes, planning your brand and vision, and as a reference tool, and the Group Coaching sessions were so informative and helpful in answering any other questions that I had! Since joining TpT Business Builder, I have been excited to grow my store and make connections on social media. In the beginning, I was hopeful that people would just download my Freebie, but because of all that I learned in the course, I have sold more products than I ever dreamed - and it's been less than a year! It makes me so happy to know that I was helped make the lives of teachers just a little bit easier and that I have contributed to the learning of so many students outside of my own classroom!

My sales in March 2021 were up 600% from the previous March

Sarah B.

100%. This course walks you through EVERYTHING. It is great for someone who is just opening their store or for someone who has a store opened already and needs some extra support. The calls with Katarina and other members were also fantastic. It is great bouncing ideas off one another and being able to ask any questions. This course kept me accountable - I was motivated to take my store more seriously. TpT has been incredible. My sales in March 2021 were up 600% from the previous March. I am getting more views to my store and my products. I feel more confident and ready to post products. As I mentioned, I also feel like I am being held accountable which has made a huge difference in the time I've spent on TpT. This course was well worth the time and money spent!!

This course is a MUST.

Ellie of Ellie's Elementary Resources

As a new seller on TPT, Katarina's course helped me grow my sales and understand what it takes to create and market a successful product. She starts from the beginning, helping you narrow down your store focus, how to brand your products, and shares all the tips and tricks you need to ensure you can reach your target audience. If you are a new TPT seller, this course is a MUST before you begin your journey.

Each day I'm earning more and more!

Courtney M

TPT Business Builder gave me the confidence to bring my ideas to life in my resources. It gave me a new outlook on creating resources that serve other educators and solve their problems. It teaches you everything from content creation, formatting, marketing, copyright laws and so much more. I went from selling a resource or two a week to selling multiple resources every single day. Each month I am earning more and more and I couldn’t have done that without the course!

I have not needed to Google a single TPT question since joining this course

Gianna N.

TpT has been amazing since taking the course! Before the course, I was beginning to lose motivation for TpT because I was making like $10-20 per month and I was putting a lot of time into it. Now, after learning from the course how to make quality products efficiently, I am spending less time on each product while also making more money. Also, sales have been so consistent and growing. It’s been 9 months since I took the course and my sales have increased each month since then. It’s so exciting to watch the growth! If you’re on the fence, I would recommend joining if you’re serious and motivated about TPT. It’s so worth it if you’re willing to put the time into your store and if you enjoy creating resources. This course will definitely up your game even if you’re already a seller. The course was so detailed and gave me everything I needed to know about TPT. I have not needed to Google a single TPT question since joining this course. Lol

Learned more than I ever could have imagined.

Ally of Bocheklist of Teaching Tips

As a brand new TpT seller, Katarina’s course taught me more than I ever could have imagined! From product creation to marketing, she walks you through every step with clear information that is easy to relate to. I love that the workbook keeps me accountable for my goals and helps to track my progress. I am more confident in product creation, and how to market my products to be seen by potential buyers. This course would be perfect for anyone who is new to TPT or who wants to increase their sales!

Katarina is awesome and goes above and beyond to help you on your TpT journey!

Taylissa L.

When I started, I had no products posted or even created. The TpT Business Builder gave me the tools and confidence I needed to build my store from the ground up. I was so nervous to get started on TpT because I kept questioning whether the resources I created were good enough or if anyone would find value in them, but after going through the TpT Business Builder course, those worries disappeared! The course walked me through each step of the process and provided me with the knowledge I needed to successfully create a resource, post a resource and market a resource. I now have several products posted and have sales on each product! Without this course, I still may have been stuck in that place of feeling nervous and not good enough and may have never grown the confidence to get that first product posted. There is so much I love about this course. It's so well organized and detailed. The resources provided simplify so many parts of the TpT process. I love that I can go back to any section of the course anytime I need a refresher on something. One of my favorite aspects of the course are the coaching calls...it's nice to connect with other sellers as well as be able to converse with and get help/advice from Katarina directly.

I have increased my sales exponentially!

Diane S.

I have increased my sales exponentially! I made $20 my first month, $80 my second month, and $300+ in month 3 and 4. This is when I started incorporating the TPT Business Builder modules. [If someone was on the fence] I would tell [them] that it saves you so much time and research to take this course. I would recommend it to a new seller and an older more established seller because this course not only talks about small things you can change but also action steps that people can take.

This course includes everything you need to know (and much more) to be a successful seller

Gina T.

I would absolutely recommend the TpT Business Builder course, without hesitation, to anyone who wants to share their resources with other educators. As mentioned, this course includes everything you need to know (and much more) to be a successful seller. The course modules were very organized, and you always had the freedom to learn at your own pace. I love that this course began with finding your 'why' to really identify the purpose and passion behind your journey, which I looked back at on days that I needed motivation. The most important thing to know about the TpT Business Builder course is that you will be supported in your goals. Katarina is there to give you advice and guide you through anything with the honesty and support of a friend. At no point did I feel like I was just a customer or statistic; she actually cares about every person that enrolls in her course and wants to see them succeed. As a full-time teacher, Katarina understood our busy schedules and showed us realistic ways to achieve our goals.

Katarina is very personable and genuinely wants to help you build your business!

Sherilyn O.

Katarina is very personable and genuinely wants to help you build your business! She’s super sweet and will answer questions that you have and is even willing to meet with you via google meets/zoom when you have questions. I live in Hawaii so the time difference is pretty big, but Katarina made it a point to still meet with me at a time that worked for both of us. She’s been very helpful throughout these beginning stages of building my TpT store. She’s also a Pinterest/Tailwind expert which I am not! So it was helpful to learn about these two platforms from her!


  • Would this course be helpful for sellers who have not started a TpT store yet?

    Absolutely! This course is designed to be a one-stop-shop for a new TpT seller who wants to do everything right, the first time. Modules 1-4 are dedicated to creating a brand, learning the ins and outs of TpT, copyright, developing content ideas, and product design (e.g., PowerPoint tips, how to create printable, digital, and editable products).

  • What if I have already started a TpT store?

    If you have started a store but have not seen significant sales, this course will absolutely help you get there. The modules can help you start from scratch, or can help you build off of and improve aspects of your store that are holding you back from the earnings you are capable of achieving. If you aren't seeing sales you are excited about, there is a good chance you've missed an important step in your foundation. Many of our members were already TpT sellers before they began and said they would recommend it to established sellers too!

  • This sounds overwhelming. How much time will this course take to implement?

    When I asked our members what they loved about this course... they said they LOVED that they could complete the modules at their own pace. There is NO time limit on the course, you can go back to and rewatch modules whenever you need to. If you are looking to fast-track your results, there is a 90-day pacing calendar that will allow you to complete the course modules & come to our monthly calls prepared with questions!

  • What can I expect?

    An organized, thought-out framework that guides you through every step of building your TpT business. Our members say that they LOVED the way the course was organized and felt like it answered all of the questions they had while getting established. The private Facebook group gives you the opportunity to "tap my shoulder" and ask for support, tips and advice throughout the way. You will meet like-minded sellers through our Group Coaching Calls and feel like you have a friend (or many) throughout this incredible journey!

  • I am hesitant about the financial investment. How do I know this course will be worth my while?

    I understand that as a new seller, you are hesitant to invest in yourself. I was the exact same way. I felt that if I paid for something, I NEEDED to at least earn that money back, and that can be a scary step for some people. However, doing TpT on your own means spending hours digging through countless of sources of information online. This course is meant to give you a springboard into your TpT business success and save you hours of wasted time, by providing proven and effective methods and guidance. I have done all of the research for you and am providing you with detailed video tutorials, PowerPoint tutorials, templates, and marketing information so that you don't have to. The purpose of this course is to fast-track your store start-up so you CAN start making an income ASAP, and earn that money back and more. Best part? If you put in the work and don't return your investment - I will schedule a personalized strategy call to ENSURE you get on the right track.

  • There are other TpT seller courses out there, what makes TPT Business Builder different?

    I decided to create TPT Business Builder because once I applied the strategies outlined in this course to my own business, I saw real results. Results that pay me more than my full-time teaching job which I NEVER thought was possible. Are there TpT sellers out there with more products, followers and reviews than me? Absolutely. But I am here to show you the exact strategy I used to turn my TpT store from a hobby, to a reliable, 4-figure income I could depend on. The accountability you will have from the Facebook group & the personalized support you will receive from the three months of coaching calls will ensure success. I will right there with you, answering questions and cheering you on. Your success is MY success, and I mean that!

  • I'm still unsure. Can I ask you some questions?

    ALWAYS! The easiest way is to reach out to me via DM on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/lessonsforlearning) or send me an email at [email protected]

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